Eliminate the Energy Cost with SoLED Energy, Inc.

SoLED Energy, Inc. combines the LED Innovations using super bright, long life 25yrs LED's and PV (photovoltaic) Solar systems to reduce and eliminate your energy cost: Solid state LED uses 10-25% of the energy a normal incandescent, metal halide, and flourescent light uses. As a result, they last longer and runs cool. LED bulbs and fixtures reduce the number of replacement the traditional bulbs and the energy consumed through HVAC. Once LEDs are in place, knock out the rest of your energy bill with our high tech solar system.

Why LED relamp instead of Fixture Replacement?

SoLED Energy, Inc. believes that most existing fixtures are build to last and led relamp would be the answer to a shorter ROI (return of investment). Our LEDs are engineered with internal driver and standard fixture sockets to facilitate the relamping process to reduce the total installation cost, shorten the ROI by decreasing the time it takes to pay off the investment while keeping the same look by matching the lighting temperature and brightness.

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