SoLED Energy, Inc. (pronounced "Solid" energy inc.)
Reduce Energy Consumption without Compromises & Eliminate the rest of your energy bill with our PV Solar System

Reducing energy and maintenance costs is the basis for most retrofit and replacement projects. Early in the process the question is asked, “What is the Return on Investment or ROI?”  This would include: the current cost of the part or product; the true cost of installation; the savings in energy over time; the savings in future maintenance over time; the increased value in productivity, service, and labor; and the increased life expectancy of the product. 

At SoLED Energy, Inc., our LEDs are engineered with standard sockets to facilitate the retrofit process and reduce total installation cost, increasing the ROI by decreasing the time it takes to pay off the investment. These conventional designed features can limit the negative exposure to costly adaptors or demolition, reduce labor time, and increase the likelihood of a quality installation, as well as eliminating the need for special tools, electricians or expensive equipment.   Existing fixtures were designed to last our lifetime so if you like the looks, SoLED Energy Inc. has the LED retrofit for you.

Many of today’s LED products provide a greater return on investment than their outdated forbearers such as incandescent, metal halide and fluorescents could allow. The SoLED Energy offering of products provide greater efficiency in a number of ways by providing the brightest solution or giving dimmable control to your lighting needs. SoLED’s product line help to combat ever-rising utility rates while utilizing the earth’s most precious resource, our sun.  

Solar is the fastest growing energy source in the world, and for good reason. It offers a limitless supply of clean, safe, renewable energy for heat, power and lighting, and it is more affordable, more efficient, and more reliable than ever. As the cost of solar technologies has come down, solar is moving into the mainstream and growing worldwide at 40-50% annually.  SoLED Engery, Inc. takes the current PV Panels to the next level by introducing the HTAC Micro Inverter to existing system and makes usable AC current right from the Panel.  The HTAC Micro Inverter maximizes the energy production with MPPT and by allowing individual monitoring of panels and increase safety in an event of a fire.  

The SoLED Energy, Inc. line of LED products and PV Micro Inverter are designed to save money by providing lowest life-cycle costs over the life of product with the capability for existing and new facility, the availability of low-cost repair kits, and easy-to-perform maintenance, resulting in lower labor costs to the customer over the life of the products.  Lower your utility consumption with LED and knock out the rest with the right amount of high-tech PV Solar System.  No matter what your project requires – bringing your older building up to newer codes, providing a more modern look to a dated interior, or reducing/eliminating energy and maintenance costs – SoLED Energy, Inc. offers a breadth of products to suit your needs.

There are many reasons why choosing us as your distributor of LED and PV Solar technology. Our LED lights and PV Solar are of the highest quality and chosen by large enterprises that are looking for that quality for a competitive price. Our most important keys are the following:
Our LED lights and PV Solar have the ISO9001:2000 Quality System Certification;
CE, UL, CSA, ETL Certifications for our LED lights and PV Solar products;
Excellent, Technical Innovation and Engineering;
Highest price performance ratio
Contract Performance and Credibility from major entities such as Google, YouTube, Costco, Hilton, and Churches
Minimum of 3 years of warranty and up to 5 on most products
Free installation samples, advice on the best product for specific applications and post sale assistance;
High expertise and know-how about ROI, Rebates and Tax savings.
Personalized sales and less than 24 hours response on all inquiries;
Sales and support in English and German;
Fully functional logistics department resolving logistics issues for our clients.