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High Power LED Spotlights & Candellabra
The high power LED spotlights are an indoor/outdoor light source, and can be used for homes, shopping centers, conference rooms, display counters lighting and decoration, usually installed in the MR16 spotlight fixture. There exist many different bases for 2 different types of current: DC that comes in MR12 and MR16 base and AC which are the MR16 with E27, GU10 and E12/E11 base.

With energy savings up to 85% (much higher with dimmer) in comparison to the traditional 50W MR16 spots and brightness up to 700 lumens with 5,000 Kelvin the lamps are very easy to install and/or replace.   All our SoLED Engergy MR16 of 5W, 6W and 6.5W and 7W are equipped with CREE SMD LED chips and has a lifetime of over 50,000 hours.

SoLED Energy Inc. LED lamps come in three colors: warm white (2800K), daylight  (4100K), and cool white (6500K). The lamp generates a temperature of < 85°C, which is far lower than the traditional halogen spotlights that generate temperatures of over 130°C. Also what we improved is the viewing angle which is available in 45°, 70°, and 120°. Traditional halogen MR16 spot light has a fix beam angle of around 30°, and not too flexible.

LED Light Dimmer
Our MR16 and Candellabra LED lights will also be able to work with any traditional dimmer to lower the intensity of the LED lamp, so no special equipment is required. With the latest SMD LED chip driver technology, the SoLED Energy, Inc. doesn't need additional signal pins (PWM dimming controller) for the dimming, because the dimming functions are integrated into the LED driver and your dimmable LED lamps can be controlled the same way as the traditional halogen lamps.

Benefits of the SoLED Energy, Inc. Bulbs
The LED lamps have several benefits in comparison to the traditional halogen spot lights, using 80% less energy, last 20 times longer, multiple beam angles and colors in comparison to the traditional halogen spot  and candelabra lights.
• Low power consumption - Saves over 80% of energy in comparison to the traditional halogen spot lights.
• Dimmable LED Lights - Upto 90% dimmable LED
• High Brightness - Upto 700 lumens
• Long Life - Up to 50,000 Hours, adopted the PWM constant current power, no flickering.
• Robust Design - Shock and vibration resistant.
• Light Beam - Low heat generates no UV, adopted the integrative lamp cup & radiator, reduces heat quickly.
• Easy Installation - Fits standard base socket and replace the traditional halogen light source directly.
• Save Money - Reduces labor and maintenance costs.
• Related Approvals - CE, RoHS, UL, CSA, & ETL.
Special Features LED Lamps
SoLED Energy, Inc. lamps use an optical technology with a high beam pattern and high brightness uniformity. The integrated lens have both a light focus and LED protection function which avoids brightness wastage and lets the LED light looks more concise.