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Replace any size T12, T8, or T5 Fluorescent bulb with a T12, T8, or T5 Tube LED in less than 10 minutes without changing the existing fixture. Simply bypass the existing ballast with straight utility power to the socket and the T12, T8, or T5 Fluorescent lighting ban has started. Not only will you enjoy as much as 80% reduction in energy bill, eliminate fluorescent bulb and ballast changes for decades, but you started the ban of mercury filled bulbs in our environment.  As inventory of T12 Fluorescent Lighting products are depleted you will be looking for an alternative. The T12, T8, or T5 tube is the quickest and most economical solution.

The Federal ban on T12 lighting has been implemented and when inventory is exhausted the only choices will be T12 and T8 LED Tube Lamps. Regulations have forced the lighting industry toward T8 and T5 fluorescent lighting but their mercury filled body will force them to be outlaw just like T12. Why not make the change now with Tube LED and be out of this destructive cycle? Tube LED products are far superior to Fluorescent Lighting and in most case are twice as bright and last 20 times longer plus their energy savings and overall value is superior with less than a year of ROI.

The Tube LED is the most economical to implement and have an additional benefit by eliminating the cost of ballasts, replacement labor costs and reduced energy consumption. The T8 and T5 tube led are available in double pin for the 4, 3 and 2 foot tube or single pin for the 8 foot tube. Tube LEDs are available in 8W to 54W units.  Optional dimming is available for Tube LED which is quite difficult with fluorescent lighting.  If a new look is or for a new installation, the led panels would be the alternative to even more brightness and opens the door to RGB colors.

Replacing outdated T12 T8 and T5 tube led is a low cost solution and the conversion qualifies for available Federal, State and Utility Company credits and rebates. Just 10 minutes to retrofit and you never change the ballast, get up to 60,000 hours life with more natural lighting and re-lamping becomes a janitorial function. No more electricians or maintenance staff needed to change lights. Most installations also de-lamp for greater savings. As an example, in a 4′ fixture with 4 – 40W bulbs, the 2 bulbs in the middle can be eliminated and only 2 of the 20W T8 LED Tubes would be needed. This is because the T8 bulbs are 2.6 times brighter than T12 or T8 bulbs and does not degrade in brightness over their life time. This offers quick ROI’s and a cost effective solution for replacement of outdated Fluorescent Lighting.  Count the fixtures and you will see the savings add up quickly.
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T8 Tube LED Retrofit 12"-96" 500-4000lm
SoLED Energy, Inc. high power 10W to 40W 12"-96" T8 Tube LED are designed for T5, T8 & T12 fluorescent replacement. Our heat dissipation is excellent with passing cooling heatsink. We’re adopting qualified high power 276pcs of LEDs per 48" of length as the lighting source, which is stable without flickering, long life and has no UV & IR emission. Combine with smart opaque diffuser, SoLED Energy, Inc. gives your the most powerful/brightest and wide angle spread available on the current market. SoLED Energy high power are equip with G13 2 prong or single prong ends and are ideal for retrofit into the existing fixtures.  Options such as build in smooth or 3 step dimming, color changing, and ultra sonic sensor.

Specifications  T5, G13, HO or Single Pin
Part Number SOLEDT8 
Dimension 8mm @ 30-240cm 12"-96" 
Lighting Source 3620 LEDs
LED Quantity 64PCS/30cm, 12"  Input Voltage 100-277VAC 
Power Consumption 5W/30cm, 12"
Lumen Output 60-4000LM
Beam Angle 180 Degree 
Color Warm, Soft White, Daylight, Cool White(2800-6000k available) 
Options  Rotating Ends, Clear or Opaque Cover, Dimming, 3 Step Dimming, Ultra Sonic Sensor

We specialize in delivering high quality, cost effective and eco-friendly, low energy LED products to businesses of all sizes up to 96" (240cm). We are even able to supply T5 LED Tubes nationally direct to end users and OEMs, as well as through national distributors and wholesalers, independents, facilities management companies and electrical contractors.

SoLED Energy, Inc. T5 Tubes are low energy, long lasting replacements for T5 fluorescent tubes providing the equivalent light output at a third of the running cost.  

All tubes have opaque or clear polycarbonate covers for best combination of light output and diffusion, enabling a beam angle of 180 degrees.  LED Tubes have optional plastic rotatable end caps which improve safety and allow the tubes to be used in all fittings regardless of the angle of the end cap housings whilst also making them easier to install.  Our uniquely designed aluminium housing improves strength preventing flexing in the longer tube lengths, as well as providing enhanced heat dissipation resulting in a long life expectancy and more consistent performance.