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LED Wall Washer Lights

The high power LED wall washers are high power LED lights that are used for decorative lighting and highlight, or wash walls, of buildings, clubs, hotels, stages, parks, plazas, commercial building facades, art galleries, etc., with different kind of colors.

The LED wall washer can even change their colors while projecting. The RGB LED wall washer lights can project 16.7 million colors and change the color by programming the LED wall washer the way you want to.

The high power LED wall washers can be used for wall washering:

  • Lighting for Clubs;
  • Lighting for Stages;
  • Lighting for Parks;
  • Lighting for Plazas;
  • Lighting for Stages;
  • DMX  Capaple;
  • Commercial Building Bacades Lighting;
  • Art Gallery Lighting;
  • Landscape Lighting;
  • Stage Lighting;
  • Architectural decorative lighting;
  • Green landscape lighting, etc...