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Aquarium Reef 150w-1,200W LED Light LED Slim Line 12K-20k Dual Control
The SLIM LINE LED Aquarium light features two electrical cords plus two daisy chain power cables for connection with additional Slim Line fixtures. The light allows blue and white control from the first fixture for all fixtures in the chain. The LED array is made up of 50pcs of 3w or 6w high-power LEDs running at 66% power for maximum LED life. With the hanging kit (included), you simply hang the fixture above the aquarium, plug in both electrical cords and turn on the light. There are two power switches--one for the white light, a second for blue light.

SoLED's LED aquarium lights are developed to meet the requirements of marine reef corals such as SPS and LPS. The 12000K bright-white LEDs and 460nm blue output performs better than MH and T5 lamps, without heating up the water.

SoLED's LED aquarium lights can focus the light on the tank bottom, while the 120 degree view angle allows the widest spread possible. LEDs are more efficient than other lights, with high PAR reading and no UV radiation harm, while bringing out the amazing color of reef life.


12000k white perform high PAR value with 460nm blue for penetration

  • Easy on/off Switches for white and blue
  • Corrosion-proof finish/casing with special paint
  • Standard included 120 degree optics for deep bottom tank to wide spread angle, with switchable 30, 60 and 90 degree options
  • Pure super actinic blue 450-475nm spectrums for great color effect. No UV radiation danger
  • Daisy Chain Cable for power connection of up to 12 other Slim Line fixtures, all easily controlled through the 1st unit
  • Little or no heat, lessening the need for a chiller/cooler
  • Fans for heat dissipation. Detachable power cord
  • Hanging kit included
  • Three-year factory warranty



    The SoLED's LED Aquarium Light is great for Aquarium, Fish Tank, Reef Coral Growing and Marine Mariculture. Recent issues of Coral Magazine provide great explanations of the virtues of LED over other lights. Light is measured in lumens (lux) and a photon of light from a LED Chip is identical to a photon of light from Metal Halide or T5 lights. However, the LED translates most of the power it receives into light, in contrast with other much less efficient types of lighting.

    The key thing in introducing LED lights for reef corals such as LPS, SPS or Clams is proper introduction of the new, more powerful light. Some aquarium owners do not take the time to slowly acclimate their corals to this new powerful source of light and blast their tank life with ten hours of the light from the first day of introduction. Corals like to slowly acclimate to change. We suggest using a light timer and starting with one hour per day of the new light, adding one additional hour every three days and thereby reaching the standard ten hours of light after thirty days. With our Reef lights, Corals and Clams simply grow much faster than under MH lighting because they seem to receive more light (and the corals look healthier).

    Finally, because these lights output no heat into the tank and the Chiller (electricity hog!) stays silent much oftener, the LED Aquarium light should pay for itself in three months.